You can be you at OB欧宝体育.
学习 differences aren’t different here.

Be a part of a community of day and boarding students in grades 2–12
diagnosed with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences.

COVID-19 Health and Safety 协议s

Read details about COVID-19 health and safety protocols for both the 小学•中间 School and 高中 campuses (link is external) .

It’s impossible to put your finger on what it is, but our students and families feel it—strongly. It’s a breath of fresh air—the sense that it’s all going to be okay. It’s the invaluable result of a learning environment that celebrates students’ strengths and unravels and decodes their weaknesses, effectively and respectfully. The gifts of the OB欧宝体育 Advantage manifest themselves in students even after a few weeks here—and reward them for the rest of their lives.

Saturday, September 25, to Saturday, October 2, 2021

具有里程碑意义的关心 is a week-long initiative to celebrate our community and the 50 Ways 具有里程碑意义的关心! This year 具有里程碑意义的关心 Week incorporates our annual 首页coming and Fall Festival, including our 5K Road Race.

OB欧宝体育的 goal is to raise $100,000 during 具有里程碑意义的关心 and all funds raised will immediately be put into use supporting OB欧宝体育 School’s core mission, OB欧宝体育专注的学生, our steadfast faculty and staff. 


Students who board at OB欧宝体育 高中 are surrounded by peers from around the 国家 and the globe. OB欧宝体育 quickly becomes a second home to our students and their housemates become family. Friendships made here last a lifetime. 阅读更多OB欧宝体育 OB欧宝体育 高中's Residential Program.

"I have had the pleasure of 住在校园 for the past two years, it truly is my home away from home. I've made connections to both my peers and staff members, which helps a lot when I cannot go home for long periods of time. Living on campus has helped me grow into who I am today, I am more capable of being independent. This has not only helped in daily activities, but also in my academics because I feel more confident in my work. I am glad to call OB欧宝体育 home.“玛格丽特·汉密尔顿20

The 50 Forward Capital Campaign celebrates the people that make OB欧宝体育 such a special and impactful place. Increased financial aid for students and endowment for faculty support are the key areas of focus. 帮助OB欧宝体育照亮道路!

高中 & 小学•中间 School Videos

Learn what makes each OB欧宝体育 program unique—and uniquely amazing for each student. 


小学•中间 School


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Average Academic Class Size


dillon west student council president
结果在! OB欧宝体育 高中 students voted to elect Student Council officers on September 23.
sunaina hoon landmark school
Because dyslexia does not discriminate, OB欧宝体育 高中 students hail from across the state, 国家, 和世界.
Campus came alive this past Friday with over 100 students in attendance at the 欢迎 Back 跳舞. The Alexander tent proved to be a terrific location and the new fire pit was an ideal addition to our first community night of the year.

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Please note the 日历 is subject to change as planning in light of the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.