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landmark elementary middle school students picking up trash on campus
贴在 2021年10月1日,星期五
Students at the 小学•中学 helped to make the campus even more stunning by participating in a full-campus cleanup during milkbreak in late September. The event was the first of several initiatives being organized by the school's new Community Groups Program. 增长通过服务 The Community Group program aims to empower EMS students to create a stronger school community, 同时允许他们识别, 成长, 培养他们作为个体的个性, 同时也灌输... 阅读更多
贴在 2021年10月1日,星期五
OB欧宝娱乐 celebrated all things OB欧宝体育 during 具有里程碑意义的关心 Week, and 小学•中学 students exuberantly displayed their school spirit and creative flair! Claire Sullivan, head of EMS, initiated her own 具有里程碑意义的关心 event. She asked the elementary teachers to have their students create a class mascot poster and hang them on their doors for Spirit Day. "In typical fashion, the students went above and beyond!”,她说. "Each one is so well done and reflects the students... 阅读更多
贴在 2021年9月24日,星期五
结果在! OB欧宝体育 高中 students voted to elect Student Council officers on September 23. 24年迪伦·韦斯特赢得了总统竞选, Ciara Haggerty '21 secured the vice president slot, 罗科·卡瑞里22年将担任财务主管, and Kaitlin Rattray '22 assumes the position of secretary. An impressive 84% of the student body participated in the election. Candidates bravely delivered campaign speeches in front of the entire study body in the Ansara gym on September 22. 他们 ... 阅读更多
贴在 2021年9月21日,星期二
因为诵读困难症没有歧视, OB欧宝体育 高中 students hail from across the state, 国家, 和世界. Sunaina "Su" Hoon '22 is one of our international students who bravely ventured from afar—New Delhi, India—to OB欧宝体育 when she entered ninth grade. She left behind all that was familiar to her—family, 文化, cuisine—so she could attend a school where her teachers understand her learning style and needs, she's surrounded by students who learn like she does, 她收到了... 阅读更多
贴在 2021年9月20日,星期一
Campus came alive this past Friday with over 100 students in attendance at the 欢迎 Back 跳舞. The Alexander tent proved to be a terrific location and the new fire pit was an ideal addition to our first community night of the year. Students danced, sang, chatted, mingled, and warmed themselves by the fire on a perfect fall evening. Community nights are open to all students and encourage them to get to know each other by providing fun activities. 下一个社区之夜是2021年10月15日... 阅读更多
贴在 2021年9月16日,星期四
为了OB欧宝体育的学生回到校园, especially those who live on campus through our Residential Program, 给学生提供许多好处. 除了学习自我辩护的技巧, 承担更多的个人责任, taking care of their room and belongings—students are encouraged to attend to their health and well being.  Faculty members Nate Efinger and Mike Richardson are going above and beyond their duties on the residential team by offering students an early-morning Workout Club,... 阅读更多
landmark high school students at project adventure
贴在 2021年9月7日,星期二
After nearly a year-and-a-half or remote learning, residential students returned to the 高中 campus for the 2021–2022 school year. New and returning residents were greeted by eager faculty and staff, who were thrilled for the gradual move toward a sense of normalcy. 加入他们的还有返校的走读生, and all students participated in orientation activities before classes started on Friday, 9月3日. New students got acquainted, collaborated, and problem solved at Project... 阅读更多
贴在 2021年8月25日,星期三
OB欧宝体育 高中 faculty and staff started back-to-school training on 2021年8月25日,星期三 (new faculty arrived to campus on 8月9日–see article). Colleagues and friends were joyful as they gathered under the tent on the Alexander lawn.  “嘿! 很高兴见到你!和“你的夏天过得怎么样??" rang threw the air as fist bumps and, yes, some hugs (gasp!),由全体教职员工分享.  "This is not the kind of place that gives the Sunday blues. 我喜欢在这里工作。... 阅读更多
New OB欧宝体育 高中 teachers begin summer training
贴在 2021年8月16日星期一
周一, 8月9日, 2021, 30 new faculty members arrived at the OB欧宝体育 高中 campus to begin our Teacher Residency Program, the first phase of which is three intensive weeks of on-site training. We are thrilled to welcome this cohort of new teachers to our community, 庆祝健康注册, and a staff comparable in size to our pre-COVID days.  Our new high school faculty members are a diverse group of educators representing lifelong teachers and even some second-career... 阅读更多
贴在 2021年6月18日,星期五
在2021年的早春, as a COVID vaccine was rolling out more aggressively across the 国家, OB欧宝体育 高中 administrators decided to offer an abbreviated athletic season to our students. And it was one for the record books in so many ways. Below is an adapted version of the end-of-season report from Faculty member and Baseball Coach, 克里斯•墨菲.  Well, we won 4-0 over Beaver Country Day and finished the 2021 spring baseball season 8-1. 斯蒂芬,宇宙大爆炸... 阅读更多


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